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Author:  Amber Loves Ocean

Summary:  Kurt thinks he’s a burden to his dad and he might be better off if Kurt were gone. He runs away but his money runs out in Westerville. Living on the street, he has an accident and when Blaine comes to his rescue, Kurt pulls a knife on him. Trent and Blaine hide the runaway in their dorm room. Kurt!amputee/cancer survivor Cooper!doctor

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Author:  scatterthestars

Summary:  With a slip of the tongue, Blaine tells the world he’s a virgin. Luckily, with his best friend, Kurt, by his side, he deals with the after effects. But when it becomes too much, he goes away with Kurt. And it’s on the beaches of Seychelles, and the plains of South Africa that a friendship becomes more.

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Author:  krtlvr

Summary:  This is the fic requests from my ‘verse set in Stopping and Growing and Journey to the End. Read those first. This contains spanking, domestic discipline, dom/sub stuff, and other kinks. 

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Note:  This story is from the ‘verse that started with Stopping and Growing, which can be found here, and continued with Journey to the End, which can be found here.

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Author:  colferswift

Summary:  The popular novel, “Avery & Jonas ” by B.D. Anderson was supposed to have a follow up. A follow up that was never published. Now, Kurt Hummel, his twin brother Cameron, and an entire fandom put together the missing pieces in a blogging community dedicated to the book. Now That Kurt and Cameron are moving to New York for school, Kurt still holds out hope for the lost sequel, but never expects to meet the faceless B.D. Anderson, and most certainly doesn’t expect to find him in the city that never sleeps. (Very loosely based on Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell)

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Author:  misskaterinab

Summary:  Written for a prompt on the GKM. Blaine’s 30 and his biological clock is ticking. He and his boyfriend contact a surrogate (Kurt) to have a baby. As the pregnancy progresses, Blaine and his partner drift apart while Klaine grows closer together. Blaine would’ve never guessed the twists and turns his life would take. AU, age difference, MPREG (boypussy), surrogacy..

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Author: Anonymous

Edited Prompt:  Basically what has been happening in canon, with June not liking Kurt and trying to convince Blaine to break up with him but set in a D/s universe where both Blaine and June are Dominants and Kurt is a sub.  June doesn’t like Kurt because a) thinks subs shouldn’t have jobs other than to be house wives/husbands and b) she thinks he’s much to insubordinate for Blaine since he doesn’t act that subby.  June talks to Blaine about her issues with Kurt and Kurt overhears June telling him that Doms that can’t control their submissives don’t make it in the real world because they look weak. Blaine doesn’t respond but Kurt is worried he could ruin Blaine’s career so he starts acting more submissive in public, keeping his head down and calling Blaine sir/master, even opting to kneel when they eat in public rather than sit next to Blaine.

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Author:  Itsaklainething

Summary:  Blaine has a secret; he has a abusive boyfriend. Blaine went to McKinley instead of Dalton but Kurt’s never even noticed him. Not until he bangs into him in the hallway knocking him to the ground, but Kurt notices that something’s not right. Seems like he’s the only one who has.

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Author:   lunarocks14

Summary:  What if Blaine’s parents had sent him to McKinley after the Sadie Hawkins incident, rather than Dalton? What would that mean for everyone? Set at the start of Season One and continues through Two and Three, mainly canon-compliant. Eventual Klaine.

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Author:  Mrs Criss 2012

Summary:  Third installment of Wake Me Up Inside/ All For You verse (You will need to read those first.) Kurt and Blaine journey through marriage and fatherhood together with the support and love of each other, their family and their friends.

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Author:  Alianne82

Summary:  Being matched up by the government may not be the most romantic way to start a life together. But after moving to New York City, Kurt and Blaine are dedicated to making it work. With moving into their own place, forming new friendships, and the creation of a punk band, they both have to learn to navigate the beginning of the rest of their lives. Arranged marriage AU. Dystopian. Sequel to For Better Or For Worse.

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