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Author:  just-an-artist-pl (justanartist)

Summary:  Soulmate/Age Gap AU - prostitute!Blaine/Famous!Kurt: Kurt heard about those people who were soulmates. How happy they were and how lucky they felt. Soulmates had a very deep connection some were so deep that people were able to feel the emotions and physical pain from their soulmate. He never understood why it was luck until he meets his soulmate and is not happy about it.

Update:  36 (FF)                      Last Updated:  9/12/2014

Update:  36 (AO3)                    Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author:  gingerfic

Summary:  Kurt draws Blaine’s name in a massive secret pal exchange at work. He doesn’t know Blaine, and thinks he is giving to a female. Will he decide to reveal himself and actually meet Blaine at the end of the six weeks?

Update:  12                               Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author:  Itsaklainething

Summary:  Blaine was 13 when he finally broke; at the beginning he had thought it was a joke, a sick prank. They told him that his parents didn’t love him any more and had shipped him away to be a slave among the other unwanted children and he’d laughed. It only took a swift punch to the face to put him in his place and he realised that it was true.  After enduring a life time of pain and disappointment he never thought anything would get better for him, but then Kurt Hummel brought him at 17 that he started to learn a life of happiness, love and compassion.

Update:  9 (FF)                        Last Updated:  9/12/2014

Update:  9 (S&C)                     Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author:  MrsCriss2012

Summary:  AU. 16 year old Blaine moves to Lima with his mom and new step family. Desperately unhappy and alone, he is befriended by one Burt Hummel who lives across the road. The pair start to restore a classic car together, but what will Blaine make of Burt’s surly 27 year old son?

Update:  4                               Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author:  a_simple_rainbow

Summary:  Blaine sends his Topics in Contemporary Music mid-term essay to the wrong e-mail address, writing an extra m where it was supposed to read Humel. Kurt, spending a semester abroad in Paris, is having a challenging night of essay writing and procrastination, and goes a little bit beyond letting Blaine know he got the wrong person, sparking what will soon be described as a “weird pen-palish thing we got going on” that takes them both by surprise and leaves them hopeful and giddy.

Update:  4 (FF)                          Last Updated:  9/12/2014

Update:  4 (S&C)                       Last Updated:  9/12/2014

Update:  4 (AO3)                        Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author:  Totallyawesomegeek

Summary:  Kurt and Blaine are at a crossroads. Let their love die or fight to their last breath for their marriage? When everything seems to be over, something unexpected forces them to get back together and face their demons. It will be a journey of discovery for both of them, which will lead them to rediscover their love and understand that perhaps all is not lost.

Update:  12                               Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author:  warblerslushie

Summary:  Kurt broke off the engagement and left Blaine. Three years later, Kurt’s at a strip club for his bachelor party and sees Blaine working. Blaine’s been working there and enduring uncomfortable glances and touches for a year to make sure that his son was properly cared for. MPREG

Update:  16                               Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author: psychicdreamsandangelwings

Summary:  AU where everyone is either a Dom or a sub and your soulmates name appears on your left wrist.  Kurt Hummel, a 17 year old Dom who attends McKinley School for Dominate Relations, has a secret. Instead of the usual one soulmate, he has two. Though its rare, it isn’t impossible.  Once a month the local school for submissives, Dalton Academy for submissive Teachings, has a Witness Ceremony, a day where all the Doms from McKinley come to watch what goes on in an average day at Dalton. There’s nothing Kurt hates more then the Witness Ceremony because the training the subs are subjected to at Dalton goes against everything he believes in. He shows up to the mandatory event only to realize that the Doms are going to witness a severe punishment, something that makes Kurt want to turn around and leave right away. Things go from bad to worse when Kurt realizes the two boys who are being severely punished are Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe, otherwise known as his soulmates.

Update:  6                               Last Updated:  9/12/2014

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Author:  TheFlame46

Summary:  Kurt has been bullied all his life because of his sexuality. Once he started high school he changed his routine a bit. He trained himself in martial arts and learned to handle any kind of weapon. After school he’d visit a place in Lima called ‘The Shot-Out’ to practice, well everything. One fateful day he meets someone who adds a little spark in his life. Besides the new friend Kurt get’s a letter from the Dalton Academy a super private school where you get in by invite only. A moment in time can change a lot…

Update:  9                               Last Updated:  9/11/2014

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Author:  nellie12

Summary:  Part 2 of the ‘Ride’ Verse - Kurt and Blaine are starting their senior year together at Pace High School of the Performing Arts. With their summer ending and a new chapter in their lives beginning , the boys will learn that growing up and falling in love is so much more than ‘a walk in the park’.

Update:  7 (FF)                         Last Updated:  9/11/2014

Update:  7 (AO3)                      Last Updated:  9/11/2014

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